Holiday Skate Camp


Holiday Skate Camp


Skate camp runs during:

  • School Holidays Monday – Friday

Drop off at 10am. Join for Show and Tell at 2.45pm.

Staff are DBS checked & you can:

  • leave students at Skate Camp or
  • stay to work on-site.

All kit can be provided, but bring your own if you have it.

  • Please bring a packed lunch.
  • Age 6 and above.

Save when:

  • You book the week!
  • Book siblings!
Pick an event on the calendar:
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Drop off & parking

You can drop off on-site for no charge.

Parking onsite costs £2 an hour, or there is free parking around Harold Moody Park on Consort Rd.

Working from Copeland Park

If you want to work during Skate Camp, we have our upstairs gallery, where you can view skate camp and work on your laptop on our table, or you relax on the Chesterfield sofa. We have a toilet downstairs in the skatepark. You can also work a few steps away at Copeland Social which usually opens at 10am from Tuesdays, or there is Rons Cafe at the Holdron’s Arcade with a 10% discount (just say you’re at Skate Camp), which you access from Rye Lane.

Holiday Skate Camp Plan

We begin by separating into a beginner and a more advanced group.

  • 10am – One hour lesson in the morning
    • Review our current skill level
    • Agree what skill(s) we will work on
  • 11am – An hour free skate/chill out
  • 12pm – An hour for lunch
  • 1pm – Skate activities e.g.
    • Lava game
    • Dodgeball
    • Skate cinema
    • Balance competition
  • 2pm – Free skate/chill out
  • 2.45 – Show and Tell. Watch clips of the day’s skateboarding acheivement (parents’ attendance mandatory!)

In the chill out area we have different activities for students to do:

  • Balance board
  • Tech deck skatepark
  • Xbox + Skate 2
  • TV – viewing skate videos

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