Toddler Skateboard Lesson HQ


Toddler Skateboard Lesson HQ


Skateboard lesson for parent(s) and toddler.

We show you:

  • the skills to work on and
  • how to support your child learning those skills

The is focus on having fun, and show you, the parent, some basic skate coaching skills

All kit provided, including specialist, soft top, skateboards.

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We show you the basic skills to work on with smaller children, and how to support your child while learning those skills. Essentially we teach you, the parent, some basic skate coaching skills.

We follow the beginner skills programme. E.g.

  • Riding
  • Carving
  • Pumping

but focus on the fun skills, and leave the more difficult skills, like pushing, for later.

Specialist soft top skateboards (pictured) are available for younger children. The top of the skateboard is coated in foam, rather than grip tape, to avoid potential face injury when they’re rolling on their knees.

All equipment can be provided, but please bring your own equipment if you have it.

Up to age 5.


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