Progressing Skateboard Lesson HQ


Progressing Skateboard Lesson HQ


For students who’ve passed or are working on the beginner grading.

You must:

  • bring your own skateboard, pads & helmet.

Beginner complete skateboards are available on collection and include a free lesson!

Pick an event on the calendar:
Participant #1

Join the progressing group to learn more advanced skills. Join our Drop-in workshops to pass your beginner grading.

You should wear your SoS t-shirt which you get with your beginner grading pack when you’ve passed.

Learn to ride the:

  • Mini ramp
    • Rock fakies
    • Slash grinds
    • Axle stalls
  • Slappy kerb
  • Kickers
  • Walls

Bring your own Skateboards, pads and helmets. No equipment provided!

Age 5 and up.


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